Standing Firm on Principle and Upholding our Constitution in South Dakota

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Amendment V would wipe-out Independent & 3rd Party choices on the ballot

The proponents of Amendment V want you to believe it will give voters a greater voice and more choices on the ballot.  While there could be more choices on a primary ballot, Amendment V does not create a true open-primary system.  Instead, it is the dreaded Top 2 scheme that greatly reduces your choices on the General Election ballot!

 Don't we elect our public office holders from the choices of candidates that make it onto the General Election ballot?  With Amendment V, your choices of candidates will be absolutely decimated.  You will only have 2 choices for every statewide office and the likelihood of a truly Independent candidate or 3rd Party candidate having enough money and resources to make it into the Top 2 in a crowded field of  a non-partisan primary will be next to impossible.  Whatever 2 candidates have the biggest war chest of campaign money, will be the only 2 candidates that make it onto the ballot in the general election. 

Anyone claiming that Amendment V will take money out of politics is crazy.  If you are not happy with your choices now, this Top 2 scheme will make it even worse.  Ask millions of people in California that went from having a wide diverse amount of choices on their ballots to only 2 candidates nobody likes in the general election.  Voter turn-out and satisfaction have plummeted.

Advertising and discussion currently taking place among opponents of this initiative also is deceptive.  Voters in states where this dreadful ballot-restricting scheme has been operating are still able to decipher, by one means or another, who the Republicans or the Democrats are on the primary ballot.  It will not take rocket science to figure it out.  The charge that Democrats are trying to hide themselves is ridiculous. 

This scheme is horrid because it guarantees that voters will never have more than 2 choices of candidates in which to choose from to elect to every office.  And both candidates could possess the same exact ideology you despise!

NO on Amendment V - It would be a disaster for South Dakota!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Pre-election Constitution Party money bomb happening now!

Help us raise public awareness of the real Constitutionist candidates running for office across our nation.

The CP has a lot of great candidates in the upcoming general election that can use your help in showing voters they have better choices grounded on the philosophy of constitutionally limited government, individual liberty and the protection of life itself.

Now through Monday, consider helping the Constitution Party of South Dakota with a special money bomb.  Hit that donate button today to help spread the message of freedom tomorrow!

Thank you for your efforts.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Presidential Nominee Darrell Castle will be joining us!!!

UPDATE:  Registration extended until opening of convention at 1:45 PM on Saturday, July 9th.  Please try to register here online.

Our Presidential Nominee Darrell Castle will be joining us LIVE via Skype at the state convention on Saturday afternoon!!!

Please reserve your seat and then bring your questions for Darrell.   We will have a chance to get the latest updates on the campaign and learn more about him.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Former State Legislator Lora Hubbel joins the Constitution Party!

      The Constitution Party of South Dakota welcomes Lora Hubbel as one of our newest members of the party.  

Her long-standing reputation for principles over party politics and truth over partisan rhetoric is a great fit for the Constitution Party where principles always matter.

Lora will be joining us at the upcoming state convention in Sioux Falls on Saturday, July 9th.  Come out and make her feel welcome.  Reserve your seat today!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Join us on July 9th 2016 for the 2016 Constitution Party State Convention!

The 2016 Constitution Party of South Dakota state convention will be held on July 9, 2016.

Come join us as we nominate Constitutionist candidates for the November 2016 South Dakota ballot!

We already have chosen a fantastic Presidential ticket for 2016 so now it is time to nominate the Castle/Bradley Electors, new state party officers, legislative, congressional and statewide candidates.

The state convention will be held in Sioux Falls at the main library, 200 S. Dakota Avenue, Rooms A&B starting at 1:45 PM on Saturday, July 9th.

All are welcome to attend but only Constitution Party of South Dakota members will be allowed to vote and/or have their name entered into nomination for any office so get your voter registration done early if you are not already a party member.

Early Bird State Convention registration must be done by July 1, 2016.
Regular registration by July 6, 2016.

Reserve your seat today!
2016 CP State Convention

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Plans Underway for an Exciting 2016 State Convention!

With our fantastic Presidential ticket now chosen, state parties are eager to extend invitations to Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley to visit their state and attend our state conventions taking place all over the nation.  Your South Dakota state party is no exception and we would love to have either one of these fine gentlemen come and speak at our upcoming convention.

We are looking at setting the date very soon and will most likely take place in July.  Right now is the time for planning and fundraising to cover the costs necessary to bring in our nominees for President/Vice-President, other exciting speakers and awesome, inspiring entertainment!

We could sure use your help on the Planning Committee and/or Candidate Recruitment Committees.

Please consider donating to the cause as we make plans for a fantastic 2016 Constitution Party of South Dakota state convention.  Hit that "donate" button and let us soar with the eagles into a successful and informative day of wonderful speeches, candidate nominations, good food and great conversations with fellow South Dakotans and our party members throughout the state.  

Our conventions are always open to the public and press!  Only registered members of the party can nominate candidates/party officers, run for office or vote but all members of the public are welcome to attend.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Lori Stacey elected Regional Co-Chairman of the Midwest for the Constitution Party


At the National Committee Meeting held in Salt Lake City directly following the 2016 National Convention, new party national and regional chairmen/co-chairmen were elected.

Frank Fluckiger was re-elected as National Chairman and Jennifer Young of Wyoming was elected as National Vice Chairman.

South Dakota's State Party Chairman, Lori Stacey, was elected as Regional Co-Chairman for the Constitution Party's Midwestern Region!  Lori will be sharing the responsibility over the 12 Midwestern state parties with newly elected Regional Chairman, Randy Stufflebeam of Illinois.

Lori and Randy have split-up their concentrated areas of focus by dividing the region in half.  Each will be concentrating their support efforts on 6 states.  Lori Stacey's primary 6-state focus over her new 4-year term will be the following states:  North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa and Kansas.

Darrell Castle & Scott Bradley become 2016 Presidential Ticket

There was a competitive field of 8 great candidates for President that qualified to have their names entered into nomination at our National Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Constitution Party loyalist and a member of our party since its founding back in 1992, Darrell Castle, won the nomination for President on the first ballot.  He chose an excellent running mate in Scott Bradley, the Author of "To Preserve The Nation".   Delegates overwhelmingly voted to accept Darrell's choice of Scott Bradley for Vice Presidential nominee.

The campaign's website has just launched at www.castle2016.com.  Please go to campaign website often and show your support for our rock solid, constitutionist ticket for President of these United States!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

CP National Convention will be televised!

Great news!!!  The Constitution Party's National Convention which will be held in Salt Lake City will be televised.

Two networks have made commitments to televise our upcoming National Convention.  C-Span has made a commitment to televise parts of the convention and Al Jazeera has now offered to televise the entire 4-day event which starts on Wednesday, April 13, 2016.

There will be many speakers and of course the speeches by our Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates.

There are many costs involved in having South Dakota's delegation represented at our upcoming national convention and national committee meetings.  Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Constitution Party of South Dakota is back on the ballot!!!


Verbal notification was received from the Secretary of State's office that the Constitution Party's petitions were just verified with enough valid signatures to get back on the ballot as an officially recognized political party in the State of South Dakota!

We are actively recruiting candidates for the 2016 and 2018 elections.  If you are a strict Constitutionist, 100% Pro-life and interested in running for political office, we would like to speak with you.  Please send inquiry and statement of interest to:  info@constitutionpartysd.org