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Monday, June 3, 2013

Some of the most important issues that elected R's and D's will never tell you

There are at least 5 possible reasons why elected officials in both major parties will never speak in public about some of the most important issues facing our states and nation today.  Possible reasons as to why they won't speak about them are as follows:

  1. They honestly don't have a clue about the subject.  If someone does not even realize what the most serious problems are, it would be highly improbable for that individual to solve them.
  2. They know the truth yet are not willing to ruffle any feathers.  The system is working quite well for them personally.  They are cowards to even attempt to buck that system.
  3. They agree with the injustice or atrocious agenda despite what they may "act" like in public.  Behind the scenes, they are actually an enthusiastic part of the problem.
  4. Both major parties are financed and controlled by the same powerful special interests.  Even though the rhetoric may "sound" different, the results still continue to lead us down the exact same path, no matter which major party appears to be in power.
  5. Fear and intimidation to keep their mouths shut. 
Thankfully, some people are talking about the "unspeakable".   One of the issues of great concern to many Americans is the impending implementation of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  Not only will politicians not speak about the most dangerous aspects of that bill but they will never even utter in public the fact that the entire bill should have been legally considered null and void the moment that the Supreme Court ruled Obamacare to be a tax.  Did Chief Justice Roberts actually try to be "Sly as a fox?"  Not one single member of Congress or one single Governor of any state will expose the truth that no revenue raising bill can ever be originated in the Senate per our constitution.   The more recent Senate "Internet tax bill" could present a similar problem depending upon its interpretation as a revenue/tax bill.

Even the elected officials that are supposed to be the most concerned about defending our constitution will not tell the truth about the potentially most fraudulent issue to ever hit the Office of President.  Not one single politician in office will speak the truth about having an apparent usurper instead of a president in our oval office over the past several years.  The only mention you will hear from them on the subject are all just continuing attempts to further cover-up the truth.  These feeble attempts are getting more pathetic with each passing day.

Another crucial issue on the hush-hush by members of both major parties is the absolutely ridiculous and obvious problem of allowing programmable computer systems to count our votes in complete secrecy.  It is impossible to witness the actual numbers being tallied inside central computer systems or witness the accuracy of totals on individual memory cards used at the local precinct level.  It is absolutely preposterous that the American people continue to put up with the inability to witness and participate in hand-counting their votes at their local precincts in plain view of the voters.  With the current methods and computer systems in place, it is impossible to ensure the integrity of final election results across our country.

Don't hold your breath waiting for any career politician to bring back transparency to our vote counts.  Restoring integrity and confidence in our election results so that We The People's true voice can once again ring throughout our land will not come as a result of actions taken by the establishment of either major party.  Face reality.  The current insanely corruptible system has been working quite well in getting even the most unpopular incumbents unbelievably re-elected every time.

The real problem of election fraud is far more serious than the diversion of crying about voter fraud. If the final results are rigged in favor of a particular candidate being ultimately declared the "winner", it becomes inconsequential even if thousands of people voted 10 times each. The final result is still completely fraudulent. The election was stolen away from the legitimate winner and the voters' real choice was thrown to the wind.

With the pressure and influence of multinational corporate donors to political campaigns, there are hundreds of other very serious topics that are long over-due for a public debate within the halls of congress, throughout our state capitols and inside our city halls. Where are the elected representatives with courage to boldly speak out about the dangers of GMO's, the reality of natural cancer cures, the likelihood of a worldwide economic collapse and the encroachment upon our civil liberties by an ever-increasing police state?

Good and principled ordinary Americans will be stepping up to lead, for the silence coming from our current elected politicians is nothing short of deafening.  More people every day have just had enough. (see video)  It is time for real change in a positive direction.

 Mike Evans of America's Voice Now tells it like it is over the airwaves in Missouri. (Mild warning of some language)