Standing Firm on Principle and Upholding our Constitution in South Dakota

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Full-steam ahead!!! Money bomb happening now........

Although we have had some temporary setbacks, we have good people working on these issues.  The smartest thing we can do now is to push forward in strength towards our state convention and the nomination of many strong and passionate candidates for November 2014.  

We will be having planning meetings for our upcoming state convention in which your participation is greatly encouraged.  The date has tentatively been set for June 21st, however, we are in search of a venue for this event.   You may participate in planning meetings via conference calls.  You will need to reply with your phone number if you wish to participate so that I can arrange the call.  In addition, we will start having monthly meetings in Sioux Falls at the main library which will be set-up in the coming week. 

Candidates for the following offices will be nominated at our state convention.  We need to provide South Dakota voters with a large slate of good Constitutionalist choices on the ballot in November.  A true Patriot does not retreat when times get tough; they forge ahead with even more vigor!

Attorney General
State Auditor
State Treasurer
Secretary of State
Public Utilities Commissioner
Commissioner of Schools and Public Lands

In addition, we are looking for leaders to become County Chairmen throughout South Dakota to help us organize and build our party. 

Some ideas being considered for convention if monies are raised to cover expenses would be to have a workshop/lecture series called "The Dirty Dozen: What every constitutional officer should know", taught by constitutional Attorney Richard D. Fry. 

In order to have a great state convention and provide support for all of our nominees in the months ahead toward the general election, we are in urgent need of donations to help with essential costs moving forward.  Please consider donating whatever you are able to through our state blog by hitting the "Donate" button to pay by debit card, credit card, paypal or you may make checks payable to: Constitution Party of South Dakota. Please spread around the link to our state blog:  www.constitutionpartysd.org  

In Freedom & Justice,

Lori Stacey
State Chairwoman
CP of South Dakota