Standing Firm on Principle and Upholding our Constitution in South Dakota

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Constitution Party of South Dakota State Convention 2014

Having the courage to show-up can sometimes change the world!

UPDATE:  If you do not secure your admission through clicking the "add to cart" button below by Wed. 6/18 at 10pm, then you may pay at the door and please email your RSVP to:  info@constitutionpartysd.org.

The Constitution Party of South Dakota will be holding its state convention on Saturday, June 21st in Sioux Falls.  This fun and informative event takes place in meeting rooms A & B of the main library located at:  200 N. Dakota Avenue in Sioux Falls.

The event will start at 10:00 am and admission includes a catered lunch.  A limited number of vendor tables will also be available to showcase your small business or services, set-up will start at 9:00 am.

We are excited to be bringing back Constitutional Attorney Richard D. Fry to South Dakota.  This time, he will be giving a presentation called, "The Dirty Dozen: The Twelve Concepts Every Public Officer Should Know".  Mr. Fry will be covering all the bases with great information. CP members and the public are welcome to join us!

Presentation summary below.

The Dirty Dozen:
The Twelve Concepts Every Public Officer Should Know

Extra-Constitutional Concepts

  1. Sovereignty and its inherent authority.
  2. The primary purpose of any legitimate government.  
The Constitution
  1. The fact that the Constitution was written for the “average voter” or the "average citizen.”
  2. The Purpose and scope of the Constitution.
  1. The only federal court that has the authority to hear a case in which a state is a party is the U.S. Supreme Court. (Article III §2 cl. 2)
  1. A constitutional convention cannot be controlled and should be avoided at all costs.   (Article V.)
  1. The extent and meaning of the Supremacy Clause. (Article VI, Clause 2)
  1. The extent and meaning of the "Oath Clause".  (Article VI, Section 3)
  2. The myth of "State Nullification" vs. Constitutional Nullification.
Principles of Federalism
   10.  State courts have concurrent jurisdiction with the "lower“ federal courts to                               decide and interpret federal laws and the Constitution within their territorial                             boundaries.
   11.  The Federal government cannot require a state to:
  • Pass specific legislation
  • Participate in a particular federal program ("scheme")
  • Administrate a federal program ("scheme”)
  12.  Federalism is meant to directly protect the citizens.

Mr. Fry recently gave a speech at our national committee meeting held in Memphis, Tennessee.   A video of that presentation can be found at:  http://vimeo.com/97216135

As we head into the general election season, it is very important that we offer the voters of South Dakota some great choices on the ballot in November.  We will be nominating candidates for the following statewide offices:
  • Attorney General
  • State Auditor
  • State Treasurer
  • Secretary of State
  • Public Utilities Commissioner
  • Commissioner of Schools and Public Lands
All serious candidates wanting to have their name entered into nomination for any of the above offices or had petitioned as CP primary candidates will receive complimentary admission into convention.

You MUST contact State Chairwoman Lori Stacey by June 10th (extended to June 17th) to have your name printed on our HAND-COUNTED paper ballots. An additional blank line for each office will be provided on ballot for write-in votes of any additional candidates entered into nomination at convention. ALL candidates will be entered into nomination from the floor.  The actual voting on nominations will be done by Constitution Party members only.  Voter registration forms will be available for guests wishing to join our party and participate in nomination process that are not currently CP members.


One Adult (includes lunch)  $17.89
Two Adults (includes lunch) $30.00
Vendor table plus 2 adult admissions & lunch $50.00

Seating and vendor tables are limited.  You must RSVP your advance purchase by either using the drop-down menu on button below by credit/debit card or paypal or contact Lori Stacey for payments by check or cash at info@constitutionpartysd.org

If you are unable to attend but can help in our efforts throughout the state, please consider making a donation to our party by clicking on the "Donate" button.

Thank you and see you at the convention!!!


  1. I would love to go but can't afford the ticket.......:(

  2. Cheap vs a Republican event ;)

    1. Yes it is yet some expect it to be free because it is not a major party event. Seems backwards, they have the money and we don't yet we try to do everything as inexpensive as possible so hopefully people can afford to come.