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Friday, September 19, 2014

PUC candidate Wayne Schmidt's objectives as a Public Utilities Commissioner

Wayne Schmidt has 3 important issues he will begin focusing on as your next Public Utilities Commissioner.  He has also taken a stance on the Keystone XL pipeline.

  • He will work with the State Legislature on the need to begin a PUC investigation as to why city utilities are continually charging out-of-town customers extra money for services long after the initial expense of installing those services has been paid.
  • Wayne believes in a free market system and will push for the ability of customers to choose which company provides their electric service.  The break-up of Ma Bell 25 years ago encouraged competition and more competitive rates for phone service.   Wayne will look into why we can't allow more choices for our power and gas services.
  • He has come out against the Keystone XL pipeline stating that it appears there is no benefit to South Dakotans.

Secretary of State candidate Lori Stacey's 8-point focus of Reforms

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