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Friday, February 3, 2017

CP of South Dakota calls for Impeachment hearings

For Immediate Release:

Constitution Party of South Dakota response to the travesty committed upon the voters of South Dakota due to the repeal of IM-22.

There were some absolutely heroic efforts by a few Legislators that displayed the utmost of integrity in making repeated, courageous attempts to force their colleagues to do the right thing on behalf of the people of South Dakota. Unfortunately, they were sadly far-outnumbered by a majority ruled by men, instead of by law and ethics.

Perhaps there can't be a more shameful example of why our Founding Fathers were rightly so adamant in creating a Constitutional Republic restrained by the rule of law instead of a Democracy ruled by a mob of men.

Our Legislature did not save us from possibly an unconstitutional citizens' initiative measure. Instead,  those that voted to strip the will of our people's voice at the ballot box, did so, with a complete and arrogant disregard of their duty to allow due process.

The time to honor your oaths should be done as soon as there may be an infringement,  not after a 2-year process of bringing it to the ballot and certainly not only after the voters pass it.

To add egregious further insults to injury, our State Legislature:

1. Created a new, likely unconstitutional bill of their own in order to reverse the will of South Dakota voters.

2. Defiantly slapped an Emergency Clause on it in a boldly unconstitutional misuse of power.

3. The worst part is this new bill was voted on and passed by at least a dozen Legislators that absolutely refused to recuse themselves even after repeated requests to do so due to obvious and direct conflicts of interest.

Therefore, the Constitution Party of South Dakota hereby extends an invitation to the South Dakota Libertarian Party,  the South Dakota Democrat Party and all concerned citizens in South Dakota to join us in a united call upon our SD House of Representatives to begin the impeachment process of at least those members that should not have even voted on HB1069 and/or had the responsibility of barring known members from voting due to an obvious conflict of interest.

Tyranny only runs rampant when good men do nothing.  Together, we can do much better!

Lori Stacey
Constitution Party
Regional Co-Chairman, Midwestern Region

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  1. I posted the following comment on another blog early Thursday morning after getting home from that disgrace in our state capitol.

    "Not one word on here about the great job done by Sutton, Heinert, Nelson and Russell. All four were masterful. In the case of Nelson for sure and probably Russell, even though they did not agree with the Initiated Measure, they felt that HB1069 was the wrong way to attack it. The fallacy of the emergency was pointed out first by Nelson and then by others.

    ----- Peters ---- whining about not taking bags of cash and not having a gold watch and then listen to a few others follow the same tac, (and what a heartfelt speech according to Curd) one would be absolutely positive that there could have never possibly been any corruption in South Dakota, let alone in State government, and for sure not in the governor’s office or the legislature.

    Never mind the fact that not one legislator Democrat or Republican stood up with Kathy Tyler in November of 2013 when she called for an investigation into the EB-5 program before the 2014 session even started. Then at the end of the session a small group of the legislature got together for about a half hour and said “nothing to see here lets move on.” And what did it get her, you may ask. Tossed out of the legislature in the 2014 election, by the power brokers with a smear campaign and then the same thing in 2016.

    Corruption in State government is your name South Dakota and the day that you finally admit at the governmental level what the people who have been paying attention have known for a long time, it may be too late to save the reputation of our state."